Club Calendar

Date Event Venue
Thursday 8 March 2018WHRPC Lightning CompetitionHanging Rock, 5.00 pm start
Thursday 15 March 2018Probus Club of Kyneton to visitHanging Rock, 5.00 pm start
Thursday 5 April 2018PFA Coach JF Veyssiere (JF)Hanging Rock, 5.00 pm start
Saturday 15 April 2018Ian Castle Memorial TriplesHanging Rock, 10.00 am start
Sunday 22 April 20182018 N and W Region Challenge Cup (Representative Teams)Grampians, 9.30 am start
Saturday 5 May 2018WHRPC President's CupHanging Rock, 9.00 am start
Sunday 14 July 2018Bastille Day Tournament and FeastHanging Rock, 10.00 am start
Saturday and Sunday 18, 19 August 2018Murray MaulEchuca, 10.00 am start
Sunday 21 October 2018Rootes Group Car Club ChallengeHanging Rock, 10.00 am start
Sunday 25 November 2018WHRPC Petanque at the Rock TriplesHanging Rock, 9.00 am start